New and now in stock from Corgi is AA35509 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, P2970

New and now in stock from Corgi is AA35509 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, P2970, Geoffrey Page, `Battle of Britain Memorial’. This 1:32 scale model is priced at £108.00 and is a limited edition of 1000 pieces.

Joining the RAF two weeks after the outbreak of the Second World War, Geoffrey Page was initially assigned as a flying instructor due to his excellent flying abilities. By the height of the Battle of Britain he was transferred to 56 squadron to fly Hawker Hurricanes. He shot down two Luftwaffe aircraft before being shot down on the 12th of August. During this action he was badly burnt after enemy fire ignited the fuel tank in his Hurricane. Both of his hands were burnt down to the bone and his head was also badly burnt. But Page became the first member of Sir Archibald Macindoe’s ‘Guinea Pig Club’.

This pioneering plastic surgeon performed over 15 operations on Page and by 1942 he was back as an operational pilot. He vowed to shoot down 15 enemy planes, one for each operation, and achieved this (10 solo kills, 5 shared and 3 damaged) before being injured again in late 1944. After the war he founded the Battle of Britain Trust and was instrumental in the creation of the Battle of Britain Memorial that stands today at Capel Le Ferne in Kent.

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